Monday, April 13, 2015

"Mary Poppins" Cast Announced

The cast list has been announced! Thank you to everyone that auditioned!

Barbara Benson Keith Mary Poppins
Bill Swanson Bank Chairman, Park keeper
Bonnie Hulsing Mrs. Brill
Carolyn Freese Miss Andrew
Carson Berg Kite Flyer, Park Stoller
Ceil Allen Miss Lark, Queen Victoria
Daniel Ekstrom Michael Banks
David Tacke Banker
Elsie Blankenship Fannie, Kite Flyer
Gabby Brazee Bank Clerk, Park Stroller, Supercal character, sweep
Isabella Ekstrom Jane Banks
J Lee Blankenship Annie, Kite Flyer
Julie Ekstrom Winifred Banks
Kari Berg Neleus, Sweep
Kay Wold Miss Smythe, Park Stroller
Maureen Anderson Bank Clerk, Teddy Bear, Kite Flyer
Melody Snyder Kite Flyer, Statue
Morgan Ming Bank Clerk, Supercal Character, Sweep
Olivia Obritsch Bank Clerk, Doll, Park Stroller, Supercal character, Sweep
Pete Keith Park Stroller, Robertson Ay, Sweep
Randy Wilson Bert
Robin Krom George Banks
Ruth Higbe-Harrah Bank Clerk, Supercal character, Sweep, Valentine
Sandy Webb Bird Woman, Kite Flyer
Shelly Blankenship Kite Flyer, Supercal character
Steve Berg Policeman
Tara Snyder Katie Nanna, Supercal character, Kite Flyer
Tom Barnes Admiral Boom, Banker, Sweep
Xena Blankenship Mrs. Corry, Sweep