Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mummers Wanted!

Call for mumming team actors and/or dancers for Nov. 28 and beyond!

Did you get to see the mummers during last year’s holiday season? This old British winter traditional rhymed drama is done by folks in villages all over the British Isles. Each village  has their own version. Ours was combined with Morris sword/stick dance last year, thanks to Tom Barnes' morris dance experience. Jane Peck was on a mumming team for 20 years in Mpls. Loved it! 
We will rehearse twice before our first street performance which is Saturday, Nov. 28 , 11-1 pm, Winter Windows in Lanesboro. We will go door to door a couple of nights during the holiday season in Lanesboro, or other towns if the group decides. We will decide rehearsals and performances together. 
Maybe rehearsal Sunday sometime and Tuesday evening?

Contact Jane Peck, ASAP, revels  or 612-823-0776